Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 16

Sorry I´ve taken so long to get the Skype plans. I had to call the mission president this morning to ask him about it. He authorized me to use a computer from a member´s house. So I´m going to try for Christmas day in the morning. We have the whole week but I think that Christmas day would be the best. I´ll confirm the details next week. Also my companion was wondering if he can use your account too to call his family? I also don´t know the time difference between here and there.

This week was really great. We´ve been really concentrating on the less active members, and it has really been a joyful experience to see some of them return to the church and to see the difference in them and in their family. I love teaching the less active members because they´re always great people tht just need some help coming back. I loved president Monson´s message in the Liahona recently called to the rescue. It´s all true. Work with less actives there too.

We are teaching a lady named Karen. She is the daughter of a member couple, and her brother is also member. He got bak from his mission a year ago or so. She is progressing really well with the help of her family. She´s going to get baptized on the 28th of this month and has really shown the desire to do so. But she has her interview this Thursday and we still have a lot of eaching to do. She gets back from work every day at 8:30 at night, so teaching her has been a real challenge with the rule to be home at 9. But She can be ready. We assigned her brother to do some of the teaching.

I´m going to send photos of another investigator named Yandry. she´s only an 13 year old. She also is great but has some problem keeping the commitments to read the Book of Mormon and attend church becuase she´s out of school and getting a little lazy. but we have some great youth from the ward working with her and talking to her every day. This ward does a great job with helping the investigators.

I´m doing great down here. It feels weird that it´s Christmas time, I think because it´s hotter than ever and we work hard just like always. I´m going to have to send my shirts to a lady to sew them smaller pretty soon. Also the tread of the Rockport shoes is really soft and is wearing out really fast, but there are people here who can put on a new sole for cheap. You get what you pay for there, but I think it will work for a while.

My companion and I get along well. He works hard even though he´s got less than a month left. When Elder Uceda was here his wife talked about things that a mom hopes for her missionary son. She said that they don´t ask that their son has a good companion but that he is a good companion. So I try to do service a lot and really just get along really well.

I love you and hope you have a good week.
Elder Wilson

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