Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2

Christmas here is a huge deal. Everyone repaints their house a new color, decorates the streets super nice, and works like a maniac to have extra cash for the parties and whatnot. it makes it hard to find people. The put me as the snowman for my size

Hello family!

Sorry but I dont have the Skype plans yet. I guess in this mission they give us a week to do it because the internet cafes fill up so much. I asked president today in my weekly letter what the schedule is exactly and if he would let me do it in a members house.

This week Elder Uceda, the Area President, is coming to our mission. We are all super excited. Except they assigned me to play the piano so now I have to pick out some hymns and practice. I had to play for the fireside with Pte Searle the other week and I realized that so long without playing has really taken a toll on my skills. I hope I can play well, pray for me!

We have transfers again this week. I really cant predict what will happen. Its 50 50 that my companion goes, so I really cant say. This tranfer has been way tough. We have worked and worked and worked without seeing hardly any results. By the way we walked about 50 miles this last week. But Im not sure how accurate the pacemarker is, I think we walked more. But the point is that at last the Lord seems to be blessing us with results. We got a reference from a member this week who asked us about baptism before we could ask her, and she seems way excited about it. Daniel is getting baptized this Saturday. We were able to find a lot of new investigators this week, and a lot are progressing. So its really great to see that the Lord was trying our faith and pacience, but now is blessing us with some results. Actually I think that my whole mission has been a huge trial of faith because my companion told me it was the hardest transfer of his mission but I thought it was normal based on my past.

I bet its super snowy there by now, and Im jealous. Its hotter than ever here.

Im going to have to cut this letter a little bit short this week because I want to send pics and sometimes it takes a while to upload them. But I love you, and hope you all had the greatest Thanksgiving ever. I forgot it was thanksgiving until I was lying in bed Thursdaynight. But I still fell asleep right away. I dont think that in the entire mission its taken me more than 3 minutes to sleep any given night.

Elder Wilson

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