Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28

Wow I still can´t believe that you are a grandpa.

Well anyways this week has been a great week for a lot of hard work. This week they finished off the celebration for the virgin Mary and started an even bigger one for Santa Ana, the patron saintess of Baranoa. It has been very interesting for me to see the difference in religious practice. Lots of parties. When the religious part ended they closed off the streets and put out tents and boxes of beer to pass the weekend, so the work was a little slow again.

If you´ll all remember my last baptism, Jeimi Bolivar. Se has been having a lot of difficulty in going to church. She hasn´t been for like 2 months, and it has been really hard to see it happen. We have worked super closely with her, but haven´t yet had success. We have visited her with other young women, including the young women did a family night just for her. We have tried working with her family again to get her excited, but it hasn´t worked. So that has been very hard for me to see, but we still have hope. The branch president is going to interview her this week to see if there is something that ipedes her from feeling comfortable in church. WE will see.

One time my friend Ryan Allen wrote me from his mission and said that when you are in a hard area and there is a ton of opposition, you feel the best because it´s like being on the winning sidfe in a huge battle when things aren´t going well. That´s how I feel now. There are a lot of difficulties and problems and we aren´t having success like anyone wants, but I have never felt so happy to work and so glad to be where I am. There are transfers in a couple weeks and I will feel really sad if I leave here because there is still so much I want to do here. I have really come to love this branch, both the members and the challenges that they present (like with their callings).

We have a family with 2 young men named the Ospino family. Last week the parents got separated for some problems, but now they´re back toether. WE hope they get married and they go to church. The mom and the two young men have gone and the mom is the one who announced that she wants to get baptized, but she just needs to get married first (remember Yormitt? Same boat, but this boat won´t sink like Yormitt).

Well I love you all and I love the Lord. Yesterday I was able to pass the Sacrament and felt so happy that all the members there in the church were taking the sacrament, even when there are many who don´t go to church, and that you all are also going to church and taking the sacrament. I know that when we do that, we are purified by the Spirit and we become a little more like Christ.

Elder Wilson

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21

This week has been a very interesting week, due to a huge festival that they have been doing this week for the Virgin from Carmen, or the Virgin Mary as represented in the area called Carmen. Contacting this week has been super hard because everyone became even more catholic for the festival and didn´t want to listen. Plus I got a bad cold that made it a little harder to walk around but it´s okay, it all went fine in the end.
This week we also had a fun situation which is that Tuesday we woke up and there were worms all over in the house. It looked like they were coming from the bathroom but I didn´t know where, so i cleaned up all the worms and then got frustrated when I saw that they just kept coming. Then when I was using the bathroom a worm fell from the ceiling and landed on me, so I realized that they were coming from there. To make a long story short, turns out that a rat was in the ceiling and died above the bathroom, so there was a horrible smell in the house and worms eating the decomposed rat. But now it´s all cleaned up and there aren´t any more worms for now.
We had interviews with the mission president this week, which is always a highlight. They are putting a huge enphasis on learning English for the latin elders, so the mission president´s wife quizzed my companion and he was super traumatized. I feel but but I was laughing like the whole time, but it motivated me to help him more to learn English.
Sprry that I really don´t have much to say but as long as the work keeps crawling along I don´t have much to say. We stopped visiting Yormitt, Isabel, the Varela family, Karina, and all the other people who were so excited but then Satan won over and now don´t care about the message. It has been hard for me to see that happen with these people that I love so much but we had to move on because there are others. Please pray so that we can find more people who are prepared to listen to and accept the message.
Elder Wilson

7048 -  some members made us "salchipapas," a delicious fast food they make with french fries, sausage, and cheese.
7052 - the members that made us the food
7054 - A member cutting some branches from his tree for a service projest where we helped him dispose of the branches (since we can´t climb trees or use machete)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 13

I got the package! Thanks so much, I loved to get it. The pictures really made me miss you all though! I remember you said you also sent a letter apart but that I didn´t get yet.

The Colombian countryside, I think it´s super beautiful. The only problem is that they are in a huge drought

This awesome washout riverbed that we walked through when we did a service project with the branch president and his family in their little farm

My companion and I on the river bank

My shoes have holes in the bottom and this is what my feet look like after walking over sand all day

This week was yet another great week to work hard in the work of salvation. My time here in Baranoa has been very interesting. I don´t think there has been another time in my life where i have worked so hard and so efficiently. During the past few months, the Lord has blessed me to loose myself entirely in the work. I love working here. Yet despite all that, some would say that I havent had much success here since in about 5 months of hard work i have only had one baptism. But really there has been a lot of progress in reactivation and the work of the leaders. we have really dedicated ourselves to strengthening what is already here, since there are a little more than 300 members in this village but only bout 80 attend church. But I have really loved the work these past few weeks since I know that even though i might not be seeing a lot of fruits, i am fighting a good cause and I am working for the Lord.

A couple of questions.
I read a letter from you ll a few weeks ago that said "Michelle and her 3 little kids." Did Michelle have another kid??? Also is Cameron going to live with you all in the house or on campus?
Also Krysti thanks so much for the family history work, every little bit helps.

As far as investigators go, we are finding a lot of new ones because some of the old ones are not progressing anymore. Andres isn´t as interested as before, Isabel is also falling out of the interest as well, and we are trying really hard to replace them. In all, the work goes along well but it needs a lot more to have all the success.

Wow i ran out of things to say, oher than that I was going to ask for suggestions on an object lesson for my district. I want to talk about problem solving a little bit, and related with that diligence. I want to help them see that there are a lot of tools to solve problems, so we just need to look for the solution in stead of using excuses. 

Love you all,
Elder Wilson

Friday, July 11, 2014

July 7

  Elder gabriel and I with Luis and Dina, some investigators, on his last day here

 here we are with Isabel Varela, who we always talk about

Wow i´m so happy for the family and for Brooke and sam!!! The baby looks super adorable, i teared up a little when I saw the pictures. You have to show her pictures of me every now and then so that she will recognize me when I´m back.

Well i´m doing great here in colombia. this week i had a great experience in sacrament meeting, in the teestimonies. There is a member named alfonso Martinez who was branch president about 6 years ago. when they released him he never went to church again. We really had to work with him a ton, but he has gone to church for 2 weeks now. Yesterday all his family chared their testimonies. His wife talked about how she had felt super alone for all those years, but is now super happy again. Their son is like 10 years ald and started to share his testimony but started to cry and ran off. really it was super marvillous to see the whole family in church again, together. It made me feel so happy to participate in the work of salvation, with families. I might or might not have cried as well.

there was a great family in church that we found this week. The husband/father didn´t go, but the mom and her 2 kids went. In Gospel Principles class she stood up to persent herself and said that she has plans to et baptized very soon. She has a date for August 2nd  and is super excited.

Sorry i´m a little short on time and i don´t know much else to say about this week. my companion has had some difficulties with adjusting to the new way of doing things in this mission, but we are slowly progressing there. the area has been really affected by it and i´m kind of worried about it, but we are just taking things one step at a time.

I love you all.
Elder Wilson