Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21

This week has been a very interesting week, due to a huge festival that they have been doing this week for the Virgin from Carmen, or the Virgin Mary as represented in the area called Carmen. Contacting this week has been super hard because everyone became even more catholic for the festival and didn´t want to listen. Plus I got a bad cold that made it a little harder to walk around but it´s okay, it all went fine in the end.
This week we also had a fun situation which is that Tuesday we woke up and there were worms all over in the house. It looked like they were coming from the bathroom but I didn´t know where, so i cleaned up all the worms and then got frustrated when I saw that they just kept coming. Then when I was using the bathroom a worm fell from the ceiling and landed on me, so I realized that they were coming from there. To make a long story short, turns out that a rat was in the ceiling and died above the bathroom, so there was a horrible smell in the house and worms eating the decomposed rat. But now it´s all cleaned up and there aren´t any more worms for now.
We had interviews with the mission president this week, which is always a highlight. They are putting a huge enphasis on learning English for the latin elders, so the mission president´s wife quizzed my companion and he was super traumatized. I feel but but I was laughing like the whole time, but it motivated me to help him more to learn English.
Sprry that I really don´t have much to say but as long as the work keeps crawling along I don´t have much to say. We stopped visiting Yormitt, Isabel, the Varela family, Karina, and all the other people who were so excited but then Satan won over and now don´t care about the message. It has been hard for me to see that happen with these people that I love so much but we had to move on because there are others. Please pray so that we can find more people who are prepared to listen to and accept the message.
Elder Wilson

7048 -  some members made us "salchipapas," a delicious fast food they make with french fries, sausage, and cheese.
7052 - the members that made us the food
7054 - A member cutting some branches from his tree for a service projest where we helped him dispose of the branches (since we can´t climb trees or use machete)

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