Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 13

I got the package! Thanks so much, I loved to get it. The pictures really made me miss you all though! I remember you said you also sent a letter apart but that I didn´t get yet.

The Colombian countryside, I think it´s super beautiful. The only problem is that they are in a huge drought

This awesome washout riverbed that we walked through when we did a service project with the branch president and his family in their little farm

My companion and I on the river bank

My shoes have holes in the bottom and this is what my feet look like after walking over sand all day

This week was yet another great week to work hard in the work of salvation. My time here in Baranoa has been very interesting. I don´t think there has been another time in my life where i have worked so hard and so efficiently. During the past few months, the Lord has blessed me to loose myself entirely in the work. I love working here. Yet despite all that, some would say that I havent had much success here since in about 5 months of hard work i have only had one baptism. But really there has been a lot of progress in reactivation and the work of the leaders. we have really dedicated ourselves to strengthening what is already here, since there are a little more than 300 members in this village but only bout 80 attend church. But I have really loved the work these past few weeks since I know that even though i might not be seeing a lot of fruits, i am fighting a good cause and I am working for the Lord.

A couple of questions.
I read a letter from you ll a few weeks ago that said "Michelle and her 3 little kids." Did Michelle have another kid??? Also is Cameron going to live with you all in the house or on campus?
Also Krysti thanks so much for the family history work, every little bit helps.

As far as investigators go, we are finding a lot of new ones because some of the old ones are not progressing anymore. Andres isn´t as interested as before, Isabel is also falling out of the interest as well, and we are trying really hard to replace them. In all, the work goes along well but it needs a lot more to have all the success.

Wow i ran out of things to say, oher than that I was going to ask for suggestions on an object lesson for my district. I want to talk about problem solving a little bit, and related with that diligence. I want to help them see that there are a lot of tools to solve problems, so we just need to look for the solution in stead of using excuses. 

Love you all,
Elder Wilson

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