Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12

This week was incredible. Sorry that I wasn't able to write you all yesterday, I went to the beach and it was super awesome and I'll send a ton of pictures. But the best part was a couple of really spiritual experiences we had. One of them was terribly sad but really cool too. 

We are teaching a family in a really poor part of our area where there is a pair in free union and they have 5 kids. The father really doesn't spend any time at his house, he just goes to eat lunch and to sleep. We went on Saturday and it was one of the worst moments of our mission. First we arrived at some members house close by, and they told us that this family hadn't been able to pay rent and that very day they were going to kick them our of their house, and they had no place to go. We arrived at the house with those members, and when we walked in, we found her lying on her bed, groaning in pain because of some sickness in her stomach. She was groaning, sobbing, dry heaving, and everything, and as I watched her I knew that she wasn't crying from the pain but because her heart was broken because her kids weren't going to have anywhere to sleep. They called the dad but he wasn't about to show up there. So we were watching and up until this moment we hadn't said anything and she didn't know we were there. Then I said "Sister, we're here to help you. We are the missionaries" and in that very moment she stopped crying and sat up in her bed. We gave her a blessing and we promised her that she could be calm. Se calmed down quite a bit and then we had to go. I was sad because there really wasn't anything I could do, but I knew and she knew that God would provide. The day after we went to visit and we found her and her family living with those close-by members, even though it's a house with 2 rooms and there are like 12 people living there. I was so grateful for those selfless members and for God's cautious care of each of His children. I was really able to feel the authority that we have been given as missionaries when I promised her that even though I don't know how, I know that God will provide a way for her.

Other than that, I had a great time at parque Tayrona. We had to walk in really far to get to the beach we visited last, and it was super hot and sunny. That's why you can see in each picture that I'm super sweaty from the walk. But it was really pretty and I'd love to come back someday to actually jump into those clear blue caribbean waters. Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Wilson