Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19

This week was pretty tricky because almost every day we had some last-minute errand to run for the zone and we weren't able to teach as much as I wanted. It's always a little frustrating when that happens but the good news is that the Lord doesn't really need us to do His work and we happened to have the best sacrament meeting attendance this week since I've been here. In fact, 2 non-members who we've never taught and live in our area just showed up this week because they felt like it, which was a powerful testimony of what it says in Moroni 7:29-32.

The area has really been worrying about improving ward councils here in the mission. This Sunday we went to an area broadcast about having more efficient ward councils, and I loved every word they said. They always just fucus on the basics, like what it says in the church handbook, but this time they really talked about how our motive to work must be a sincere love for the people. At least, that's what the Spirit taught me during the training.

I have really felt that this week when I haven't had time to visit people. I worry about them. It's cool to see how God has helped me develop chirity during the course of my mission, and I can't imagine how much he'll keep shaping me after the mission.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilson