Sunday, July 14, 2013

fast tracked

Well, I got fast-tracked and Presidente Dyer worked something out with my mission president, so I'm off to the field this Tuesday!!!! I can't believe that came so fast.  I've had a great time in the CCM, but I'm definitely excited to get out in the field, get warm (Bogota is never above 75), and get some hard work done.  I really don't feel very ready but I know that with the Lord all things are possible.  He has called me to the work, and I know that since it's really just His work, I can be successful.

This week has been where the Spiritual and Language Bootcamp side of the CCM has kicked in.  I got a Latin companion, got stuck in a room with 7 other Latinos, and a district with 5 other latinos.  So I haven't really been able to understand most of what people say lately.  But I have a very strong testimony of the gift of tongues.  There have been a lot of nights when I had no clue what anyone was saying.  Then I'd go into a lesson with the same people that I couldn't understand, and get what they said and be able to respond.  We watched a fantastic Provo MTC devotional with Elder Scott about prayer, and it really changed the way I think about it.  But he also spent a few moments talking to missionaries who are learning a new language.  He said that in our prayers we should remind the Lord that he called us to learn a new language, and that since we want to be good servants we need to learn it now.  I don't think I would have prayed that way if I hadn't heard the apostle of God tell us to do so, and promise us that language skills will come when we need them.

This week has also been one of my most spiritual here.  Probably because I was doing way more listening than talking, what with everyone speaking Spanish.  There have been many times where my companion and I have had our testimonies confirmed in lessons, and when the Spirit has told me what to say in answering hard questions during our fake lessons here.  I'm so grateful for these experiences, and they have definitely strengthened my testimony in the Lord helping us when we need, because I needed a lot of help this week :)

About my companion.  His name is Elder Lozano, and he is awesome.  He's from Lima and speaks more quietly and faster than almost anyone else, so we definitely had some communication issues the first few days.  But he's good.  We had some trouble with him doing some things to annoy me all the time, but we had a little companionship inventory, so to speak, and now we're all good again.  And I was frustrated at the beginning of this week with some reverence problems in my district, but after we got called out for being the least reverent district by a teacher, is all worked out.  I just wished that my Spanish was a little better to be able to ask for more reverence haha.  But about my companion.  I think his family sacrificed a lot for him to get out here, because I had to show him how to use a lot of hygeine items that he had brought with him.  I love seeing people that love the Lord so much to sacrifice a lot for a mission.

I'm doing really well here.  Elder Camargo of the 70 gave a great devotional yesterday.  I'm the only missionary flying out to Barranquilla Tuesday since transfers aren't for 2 weeks, when I was supposed to leave, so I hope the airport goes well and such.  I´d send more photos but they confiscated everyone's cameras the moment we arrived so I can't. I love you guys, and I feel your prayers helping me.  Honestly there have been times when the Spirit tells me I'm being prayed for, and I'm so grateful for it.  I don't know when I'll write again because of traveliung out to the field, so sorry. Until later!

√Člder Wilson

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