Wednesday, July 3, 2013

in the CCM

This week was AWESOME.  To start off, I made a legitimate street contact who wanted to hear more from the missionaries.  We had to go to migration to get our green cards, and so while we were waiting outside and getting yelled at since we Americans stuck out badly, I started talking to some lady next to me.  I testified about temples and God´s love, and then she said that she had some daughters who didn't go to church so she was worried about them, so I tesified about how the gospel can help them too.  Then I got all her info and forwarded it to the President of the Cali mission, where she lives. So that was probably the highlight. I also talked to some other guy, but he was from the US and didn't really want to hear the message.

Or the other highlight is that I got fast-tracked here at the CCM, so I already have a Latin companion and start the 2 week program tomorrow. So there's a tiny chance I'll be able to hit the field early, but probably I'll just have to do the 2 week program twice haha. And it's because of my language, so I hope that answers your question about how the language is.

My companion Elder Bowers left like the next day after I wrote.  It was sad but I really think it was better for him.  I hope he can adjust to being at home again, and grow to feel God's love and approval.

The church made a kind of dress code change-up, so it looks like I'll be allowed to wear sandals out in the field!! I'm super pumped about that, so when my shoes wear out I'll search for some comfortable sandals.  Also, they want us to wear our name badges on the right side of our suits, which was a hilarious story. Basically I woke up one morning, walked outside of my room to exercise, and there was a picture of Lexi Garrett on the wall across from my bedroom here. She was modeling the new placement of the badge, but I was definitely not expecting a picture of Lexi here in the Colombian CCM.

Mckay I somehow brought your PMG with me instead of mine, so you can feel flattered that your PMG is helping a missionary across the world.

I want to talk about how scary sacrament meetings are here, because it feels like a giant game of battleship. Everyone is supposed to write talks, and then they just announce who's speaking as they announce the program. So it's pretty intense but it's probably just training for the mission field.

My CCM President, Pte. Dyer, is the grandson of LeGrand Richards. Could someone fill me in on exactly how I'm related to LeGrand? Also I need my 4-gen pedigree chart still if I could get it.

It was good to hear that you're all doing so well, and I hope you have a great 4th of July. I love you guys!

Elder Wilson

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