Thursday, July 25, 2013

first week in the field!

1 - my comp and I
2 - typical Barranquilla park, this is right by my house

You know that feeling when you step out of a hot shower and the air feels great for a minute but then you realize that it's hot when you step out of the bathroom? Well here, it's like that, only you never step out of the bathroom.  Seriously it feels the exact same, so if you want to feel what I feel, turn off the bathroom fan and take a long, hot shower. But i love it.  My first few days here I was super blessed because President was out of town, so my transfer didn't happen for a few days. In those days I got to be companions with the AP, Elder Andrus.  He is an awesome missionary, so I was super glad to work with him for a few days.

Now I've been in dos Robles for a few days, and I love it here too.  My companion is Elder Caballero. His parents are from El Salvador, so he speaks perfect Spanish, but he lived in the US his whole life, in Vegas, so he speaks perfect English too.  he's an awesome guy, I'll send a photo. Which reminds me, can you send me a family photo, like in that package you're talking about? I want one to show people here. Or more than one photo, like pull some off my facebook of friends too. 

Well the members here are awesome.  We eat with them every day, and on my second visit I got the entire fish experience. Seriously though the head tastes really good. Sorry I'm jumping all over the place, I don't have tons of time and I'm going to try to send some photos. The biggest problem we have here is that the people talk too much. We spend all day walking to visits, only to have people say thaey don't want us anymore. We don't have a phone so we don't call ahead. Then we walk to our next visit, to hear the same.  Then we finally get in somewhere, and they talk and talk, and don't really listen. Or when we eat it takes like an hour and a half because the members take a while to eat too. My spanish isn't really good enough to rush a conversation, since I can't understand what people say. But it's good, we work hard. We just are working on a way to teach more lessons in the day, since we're out all day and teach like 3 lessons and make like 8 contacts, and we never teach everyone.

I sweat constantly but it's no big deal since everyone is willing to give us water or juice. and the juice is delicious.  Well I don't have much more to say, chao!

Elder Wilson

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