Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20

Well this week I had to say goodbye to Elder Franco and now I´m with elder Villarreal from Panama. He´s a great missionary who already has 18 months of experience. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to train but oh well, I know that with Elder Villarreal we will have a lot of sucess here. It will be a little interesting becuase he already told me that since he has more experience we are always just going to do what he says but I decided I´m just going to let him do his thing and try to learn from all the strengths he has. 

Brooke and Sam, that was great to hear that your child will be a girl, that is awesome! Also I hope that all the rest of you had a good time celebrating all the birthdays. I´m super happy to hear that you bought an elliptical machine. I lost 60 pounds on one of those before the mission.

Im super happy that I´m still here in Ciudadela. The ward is awesome and the members love us as missionaries so much. We have really been improving on the way that we work with members and have been having good results. The members all know who the investigators are and they go out of their way to say hi in church and sometimes even to visit their houses. There is a rule from the first presidency that the missionaries stay in an area more or less for 6-8 months. I would love to stay for that long here. But I´m also upset that I got sent here so early in the mission, since now every other ward I have will be a little more challenging.

Well not a lot happened this week what with my last companion going home and my new companion getting to know the area, but we have a lot of people progressing and I think we will be having a lot of baptisms in the near future. I love you all and I hope you are all doing great!

Elder Wilson

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