Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17

 they cut my hair and then gave me a crazy hairstyle

 family night with the familia Bolivar

 my companion

sponsoring the Book of Mormon in the Colombian jungle

Well this week had a lot of highs and lows, as usual in any week. The familia Bolivar that was progressing so well is slowing down a little bit. The problem is that they had been listening to the missionaries for a while before we got here but they still hadnt learned any commandments. So when we started to teach them, they didnt expect that the missionaries would make people change and they are resisting it a little. Mostly with the Word of Wisdom. They drink a lot of coffee. But they committed to changing so I think that with a little more work they will get over it.

I had a great experience this week with working with the members. We had a zone conference with the mission president and they talked a lot about how to work with the members to get the investigators to attend church. So this week we made the members invite the investigators themselves, and then committ themselves to pass by their houses Sundaymorning to bring them. So it worked out well but some investigators slept in or had gone out before the members got there, stuff like that. So that was the low of the week, that the members did a great job but the investigators didnt come. I think that we had everything all set up to help them and the investigators just used their agency to not come. So my companion and I are already planning what to tell them to help them see the importance of keeping their committments (James 1:22). I know they will come next week. But we did have 3 there yesterday.

I think I am gaining weight here in Baranoa. Its a huge area that we have but we are just working in a small part of it. Plus I always used to leave the house and play basketball in the mornings for exercize, but here they have robbed all the hoops from the basketball standards. We found this great court about a mile away from our house, we jogged there and played basketball once on Saturday, but then this morning we went again and the rims were gone. I dont get why people steal basketball hoops hahaha. So now were trying to figure out what to do for exercize. At that hour of the morning I need something fun to help motivate me to wake up and burn fat. Also we have a very well proportioned lunch and dinner contract with the relief society president.

Well I hope you all are doing great, I have been praying a lot for you. Thanks for all the ideas you gave me for group activities, although maybe someone can help me understand a little better how 4 in a couch works. It sounds like fun but I dont know how to play it.

I try to take a lot of pictures but for security I never feel very good about leaving the house with my camera, so sorry if sometimes I dont have many pictures. I love you all!

Elder Wilson

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