Monday, March 24, 2014

march 24

 A service activity we did with an investigator. His name is freddy. Hes the man in the picture, the two women are members already

 me of the young men after a service project we did. The branch president is the one on my right with the gray shirt, even though he looks super young

 us in the middle of painting

 A house here in Baranoa. I like it because it demonstrates how much of a farm village this is


Well this week was awesome. We were finally able to see some of our hard work paying off. First off, Jaime Bolivar is getting baptized this saturday. We are a little sad that for now the rest of the family isnt ready, but she certainly is. She reads the Book of Mormon almost every day and has a strong testimony. She is also friends will all the youth in the branch. I feel so blessed to participate in her baptism.

We were also able to see a lot of people attend church this week for the first time. We have really been working with some of these people for a while so I was so happy to see them there. One of these people is named Freddy Herrera. He lives with his wife and granddaughter, who are both very strong in the church. He is a great guy but he doesnt have much faith. But he said that he would come to church to try and feel the blessings this week and see if there is a difference. He has a very empirical mind which impedes his conversion a little. Please pray that he will soften his heart. So what helped in getting all these people to church? We brought a different member to each investigator and the member invited them to church and offered to pass by Sunday morning. I think that is a key part of the work of salvation that maybe I didn't understand before, but will make a big difference with the people.

We were also able to see Orlando Guerrero at church. It wasnt his first time since he listened to the sister missionaries who we replaced. He has a lot of things he needs to get over to be able to get baptized, but he has a strong desire. He just keeps saying that he knows he will be able to change a little at a time, and that impedes him since he made that his goal. He needed to make the goal stop everything bad right now so that in reality he can progress a little at a time. What can we do to help him understand that?

My companions birthday was yesterday. It was a little stressful for him I think. The lunch fell through and we had to go to Barranquilla all day to help a ward in our stake. I guess every sunday all the missionaried in the stake will go to one ward and do a rescue its called. The awesome part is that within a couple months we will be going to Ciudadela. I really miss that ward and the people, so it will be great to see some of them again. 

Also i am already very ecxited for general conference. I hope that you all are getting ready to hear the words of the living prophet and learn the will of God. I know that listening to him will allow us the divine protection that we all need in this life.

Elder Wilson

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