Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25

we went to the huge local soccer stadium with the zone leader and two members

Well the first thing that I should probably say is a huge piece of news that I have been forgetting to tell you all. Elder Christofferson is coming to the mission this week for a mission conference. I am super excited to hear from an apostle of the Lord. I´ll make sure to send a lot of great detail about what he said in my letter next week. I pray to be spiritually prepared and to be able to put in practice everything that he says.

To answer your question Dad yes I am still a district leader and my district is almost identical to the old one. There are 8 missionaries, 2 of which are sisters and 2 of which are the zone leaders. It´s been a lot easier here because really the work doesn´t have as many problems to work out in the wards as it did in the branches where I was district leader before. It´s kind of funny because the sisters in the district are super great and super hard workers. They always have by far the best numbers in the district so I always say I can´t tell them things to get better on since they do better than I in almost everything haha. But really it´s awesome to see their example. One of them is 29 years old and she´s great.

Today was kind of cool because I went back to Ciudadela for a couple hours to buy a new bag, and it was super strange for me to walk around my old area a bit. Since the stadium is right there, we went in for free for a couple minutes and took a couple pictures. I don´t know why I never went while it was in my area for 5 months.
As far as the two youth that I mentioned in the last letter, Jesus and Stefani, they really really want to get baptized but can´t get their parents to agree. We read with them 1 Nephi 3 and 4 to help them see how persistent they have to be, and how they can´t get discouraged while they fight to do what the Lord commands. But we told them that they can´t solution the problem in the same way that Nephi did :). On Saturday we are going to do a fast with them. Please pray for the a lot this week.

Other than that we are working with a few other people. I think we should be having a few baptisms soon, I´ll keep you all posted as the dates get closer. I love you all and am super happy to be here representing the Lord in Colombia.

Elder Wilson

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