Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4

Well first off family I want to apologize because today I don´t have much time to write since we are going to do an activity as a district. I´ll give more details next week and pictures but we are going to like a wildlife park with a tour guide and all, it will be awesome.

This week we have been starting to find some more investigators to work with, so that has bveen awesome. We really need help to find people with a strong interest. Wek found a young man named José Palacio who is 19 years old. He is super excited and went to church after we taught him just one time (plus he went alone). He even presented us to his friends. But the problem is that he always travels between here and another part of Colombia, and sometimes passes months at a time over there. He leaves again tomorrow so we will see what we can do there. 

The branch is in a pretty serious condition. There are some families who were super active when I got here but are distancing themselves a little. The branch mission leader doesn´t like to meet with us right now, so we are trying to work that out. Covey siad once that his specialty was working with church leaders, do you have any ideas? The challenge is that he doesn´t have a job so is always super busy looking for something to give to his family to eat.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Elder Wilson

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