Monday, December 15, 2014

december 15

 ^^christmas decorations in a popular mall here
 ^^the young man on the right in the black shirt is Erick, Jheiner´s brother, also a recent convert. He shared his testimony in Jheiner´s baptism and it almost made me cry it was awesome to hear how happy he was that his brother got baptized, and I felt blessed to participate.

^^ directly behind my head is proof that God loves his children, our landlord put air conditioning in our bedroom. I think that out of 100 houses in the mission 3 have air conditioning. It's so awesome. Now we're just trying to get bunkbeds to fit the desks in too.

Wow this week was a great week with a lot of hard work and lots of rain. I had to walk home one night in streets that were really rivers that came up to my knees. It was crazy and my companion and I almost fell in a couple times because all that current really pushes you and you can´t see what you´re walking on haha. Second world problems.

This week we had a great visit from President Searle and the assistants for our zone conference, they really helped us out with a couple areas that are having problems. President Searle is super smart and really guided by the Spirit in the mission. He told us that a couple times he has chastened missionaries and chastized them in interviews so hard that 2 missionaries had to go to the clinic after because they had minor heart attacks hahahaha. And one missionary went into shock after. I'm so glad that I haven't seen that side of him, I've just seen the super loving, smart side.

Jheiner got baptized this week, it was a great experience. In the end he decided to have the young men's president do it, which made me really happy because it'll help him to stay strong in the church. Esilda didn't get baptized this week because she had to go to Barranquilla this weekend for a medical exam, but she got married yesterday.

Andrea was really attacked by the enemy this week, she saw some anti-mormon stuff and on top of that fell again in the word of wisdom. But we had a great lesson with her where right in the middle of the lesson I felt inspired to watch with her the video He is the Gift. So we put the movie on and when it ended she was crying, and decided to get baptized to give a gift to God. My companion taught something that really made me think; he said that God has everything there is except for one thing - our will. I thought a lot about what I do to keep my will against the will of God and felt very blessed to realize that in my mission there have been very few things, and that I know that God can see by my life that I love Him. But anyways, Andrea will get baptized this Saturday with Esilda.

Your package still hasn't got to the mission office but I'm hoping it arrives before Thursday because Presidente Searle and Sister Searle are coming to Valledupar for the Christmas activity, so if they have it, they'll bring it. If they don't get it then, I'll get it next year.

I love you all and hope that you have a great Christmas centered in Christlike service. I'm glad to hear about the secret gifts you're giving and about your efforts, Dad, to share the gospel. I'm proud of you all and grateful to have a family that supports me in my desires to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. 

Elder Wilson


  1. Yay John... and Merry Christmas. We love reading your posts.

  2. That last post was from Grandpa and Grandma
    Franklin..... Hugs!