Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22

Haha I was just finishing up writing a bunch of letters but I felt like something was missing. I just realized I still hadn't written you all!

First off, I'm sure excited to see you all on Christmas day! There's about 2.5 minutes or so to talk to each of you so we'll have to make it count.

This week was awesome with a marriage and 2 baptisms. Esilda got married and then baptized. It was great after the baptism to see and hear her family bearing testimony about how happy they all were to finally see her getting baptized. Andrea's baptism was also super special. She was a refferal from Alfredo Quintero, a recent convert from the ward. So since she was his refferal, we decided to have him to the baptism. The difficulty was that he's deaf, so we had to call the mission president and ask for permission and instruccions. Turns out he just had to sign the baptismal prayer, then put his arm to the square, and then baptize her. I was one of the witnesses and had to translate the prayer. The funny part was that Alfredo was nervous to put her all the way under the water, so he did the whole thing like 10 times but couldn´t. We shut the doors and Alfredo practiced but still couldn't, until the guy who baptized Esilda entered the font and showed Alfredo how to do it like 5 times, just without saying the prayer. Then Alfredo did it a couple times correctly without the prayer, and then we opened the doors again and he did it all right. In other words she basically got baptized like 30 times. But she's really patient so it all worked out.

Well I'm basically out of time so I love you all and see you on Christmas!!
Elder Wilson

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