Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12

This week was a little tricky because of the time we spent in leadership council, but this time they decided to send us back to Valledupar a day early, so even though we got back at midnight on Wednesday we were able to work one more day.
Santos and Ana Dilia are doing okay. They didn't go to church again this week and we were really sad about that. We passed by their house on Sunday in the afternoon and we were super sad to see that he fell back into an old addiction that he had been beating. So we are going to work really hard with him to help him stay strong and keep fighting for his salvation.
Andrea Quintero is doing great as well. She got called as a sunday school teacher with the assignment of translator of the gospel principles class for the deaf members of the class. I've talked about Alfredo, a deaf recent convert who attends that class, and we have a couple of deaf investigators as well. One went to church this week for the first time, which was great to see. I love that God is so merciful that He has prepared a way for all of His children to hear the gospel message, not just the ones that can hear. It's been great to see how the gift of tongues has helped me to learn spanish sign language as well, even though there's still a lot left for me to learn!
We are trying hard to improve our work with the members, because there are a lot of people who could easily go to church with the member's help. There are a lot of great members here, and a ton of recently returned missionaries who want to help. The most dependable ones are the returned sister missionaries in fact. They're great about bringing investigators to church.
Well I love you all and hope you're doing great!
Elder Wilson

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