Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16

 the Guatapurí river here in Valledupar, with the siren in the back. The legend is that if you bathe here you never leave Valledupar, because of the siren.
 my companion, a member, and another missionary from the zone. He's a great friend and he lives in Pleasant Grove. He's headed home next month.

 my companion and I with Edgardo, an investigator we've been teaching who happened to be in the river. While we were there he jumped off the bridge in the background into the water, and I got it on video :)

 an airplane they shot down, story goes it had drugs inside

This week was really great. We were able to work hard and pass our goals for the lessons we taught. We have been working with a couple investigators who are really great and are progressing a ton. Two of them are Santos and Ana Dilia. They are really getting excited about the message and have plans to get baptized beginning of March. The problem has been that they need money to get married and it's hard for them in their situation. Please pray that the promises we've made that if they try they'll have the money can be fulfilled.

This weekend Breiner Murillo will get baptized. He's just 11 years old but his sister and cousins are already members. He's a great kid and I know he'll be a good missionary.

Elder Wilson

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  1. HI John.. this is Grandma Franklin.. I keep trying to post to your blog, but haven't been successful yet. Hope this one is. I love reading about your experiences. Many Hugs.