Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23

The highlight of this week was probably that I drank coffee. The first time I broke the word of wisdom I was in my mission. We found this awesome family and had a great lesson, and then they offered us arepas with coffee. I'm usually really careful but I was negligent this time and I drank without smelling first. I took a big gulp before I realized it was coffee and spat out what was left in my mouth and said sorry I don't drink coffee. I think the funniest part was that after I spat it out my companion saw that one of the investigators drank it hahaha. But hey, they say that Colombian coffee is literally the world's best coffee, so who could resist??

We are working really hard here in our area and in the zone. We have some investigators with a ton of potencial. Santos and Ana Dilia are ready to get baptized as soon as they're married, and the ward is getting mobilized to help with a fund raising activity. We are working with a lot of families and we are seeing a lot of progress. 

This week we recieved a few referrals, which was awesome because it's not all that common here. One was a young woman who has already been to church a few times. She's really excited and even though her parents aren't interested, they gave her permission to get baptized. She has a baptismal date for April 4th.

This week is zone conference and we're pretty excited for that. President Searle has been teaching a lot about consagration lately, and it's been awesome to see the difference he's made in the mission. I know without doubt that he receives revelation for the mission, just as any church leader can receive revelation for his stewardship.

I love you all!
Elder Wilson

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