Monday, March 2, 2015

Mar 2

This week was a pretty great week. We were able to have zone conference and it turned out great. President Searle has been really concerned lately with helping missionaries really consecrate themselves to the work. Help them give everything to serve the Lord. I really liked what was said because I was abloe to receive a lot of ideas on how to help the zone and more importantly how to consecrate myself.

A cool experience to share this week happened yesterday when we were finished with the day and heading to dinner. We always walk up the same street when we're in this neighborhood at night, but yesterday I felt like we had to walk up a different street. We did, and while we passed by a member's home my companion felt like we had to stop in and see why one of them didn't go to church that day. when we got there, she started crying and told us that she felt bad about some sins she had and decided that she couldn't go to church for a while while she was fixing them. We testified about repentance and invited her to church again. I really liked the experience because I know it's a lot easier to prevent someone turning less active than to rescue someone who already fell away. I loved acting as an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

Well sorry that's it for now, I got to Internet late because we were doing a deep cleaning in our house (it needed it). I love you all!

Elder Wilson

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