Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar 23

This week was an excellent week. The area is really interested in hastening the work of salvation, so they have been doing a lot to improve ward councils here in Colombia. This week the area president, Elder Uceda, came and met first with all the zone leaders and then with all the members of ward council in the 3 stakes from Barranquilla. In the first meeting he gave us a time to talk about all the challenges that there are which prevent ward councils from being very effective. He also gave us an awesome training in the importance of inviting with actions, not just with words. He said that a lot of us missionaries just ask them to pray or tell them to go to church and that's it. But we have to pray with them, read with them if they don't read, and pass by them to go to church so that they can know that our invitations are serious. I already do those things but it changed the way I see invitations. 

The meeting with all the ward councils was awesome, first because I have served in 4 wards and 1 branch from Barranquilla, so I was able to see a lot of people I already knew. Yalissa Rodriguez, a convert from Alfonso Lòpez, was there as well and I was so happy because I saw that she's still very strong in the church. People really glow with a spiritual light when they're converted to the gospel. I also loved the training because they talked about one of the ideas that I'd given in the first meeting (using an agenda for ward council to prevent everyone talking about whatever) and that made me feel smart.

Other than that the week was a little hard because we had a lot to do in the zone and since our zone is part of the city and 2 small towns outside of the city. I live right by the transport terminal in Soledad, in the Calle 54 with Carrera 15 or something like that. In that general area. 

My companion is really great. He loves eating healthy and doing lots of exercise, which should help me get in good shape before I head back.

Love you all!
Elder Wilson

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