Monday, February 9, 2015

Februray 9

First off, sorry that this week I won´t be sending pictures. Today we went to the river and took pictures with the famous Valleduparense siren but my computer can't read my SD card, so it´ll be for next week.

This week was really great. We had some cool experiences of following the Spirit. One of them happened one night when we were about to enter a dangerous neighborhood to visit a less active family. While we were entering, we felt that we needed to go visit a convert family close by. We went staight there and they told us that theis son was sick, but that he'd said that we were going to stop by to give him a priesthood blessing. It was awesome to have that experience of hearing and obeying the Spirit to see miracles. Then we went to the other visit and had a great family night with a young family who's trying to come back to the church.

This week we had leadership council again, and it was awesome because Elder Torres, an area seventy, went to the meeting to train us. He talked a lot about humility, and taught us that is we are proud then we cannot participate correctly in the Lord's work. He compared us to a plumber, who when he is doing a repair job decides which tools to use and how to use them. The tools don't choose themsleves, but if they don't work he'll use another. It really made me feel really proud and that I needed to repent; it was awesome.

Another cool lesson we had this week was with a less active lady who told us that she has been so busy and worried and discouraged because of some debts that she has, that she hasn't been able to concentrate on spiritual things. We watched a mormon message about the voice of the Holy Ghost, that talks about all the voices in this world that can drown out the Spirit. We all shared our testimonies about listening and feeling the Spirit, and she decided to have more faith and trust in god, and obey the commandments. It was cool to see how the Spirit could change her heart.

Maybe my favorite part of this week was that when we went to Barranquilla for leadership council, they gave us permission to visit Esilda Cortina, one of our converts here in Valledupar. She's been in Barranquilla for a few weeks because she had cancer and she's getting the treatment. She was a little discouraged because she feels really alone and no one has called her to see how she's doing. She's there with her daughter, who's great and is a member, and some cousins who are super into another religion. It was great to visit her because she really looked happy to see us and I was also really happy to see her again.

Thanks family for all your support and love, please think about writing to me some of your spiritual experiences because it's what I love to read. Love you all,

Elder Wilson

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