Monday, October 14, 2013

susana's baptism

susana and part of her family and her neighbor and the guy from the ward that did the baptism

Well this week was really great. Obviously the best part was Susana and Victoria's baptism. It was so great to see them take that step. It was really hard for Susana because of her arm, but she did it anyways. I love her example of faith. I  think I'm always going to remember this experience because of the was it shows the power of the gospel in people's lives. In the first place she called us. That was a miracle. Then she got baptized even though she had a broken arm and it was very painful for her. But she never complained about it. It was actually cool to see a baptism where the person didn't get fully wet and there were 2 guys in the water to help her. Awesome first baptism.

Benedicta and Hernando didn't arrive at their baptism this week. They have 2 main doubts. One is that it's really fast, and their family has been saying stuff to them about how they should take their time. The other is that Benedicta thinks that Hernando might mess up again after his baptism with the Word of Wisdom. So we're really going to work hard with them to get baptized the 26th of this month. They keep saying they'll do it then. The good thing is that the ward members really want to help and so they all are going to do visits. That will be really great for them to feel that support.

Joyce and Derwin have been struggling with their commitments. We were going to stop teaching them again but they came to church this week. They read the Book of Mormon together every day, and Derwin told us that he's secretly saved up enough money to take out their papers for marriage. So they just need to actually do it, and also save up money for the actual marriage.

The watrd members have been making great progress. It's like a speeling giant that just woke up. They're moving really slowly, but at least they're thinking and talking about references now. And they're working on doing their home teaching, especially to the new members. It's really scary to turn new members over to the ward when they don't visit them at all.

I love you guys, and I pray for you. Let me know if you have a problem or a doubt that I can help you with.

Elder Wilson

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