Wednesday, October 9, 2013

weekly letter

First off, I got the package this week. Thanks! It was really cool to get. My favorite part is the photos of the family. I show them to the investigators and members all the time. Also the suckers are very good.

This week was great because of the conference. I loved all the talks about missionary work. They really helped me out with some questions I have. Sometimes I don't do a very good job with talking to everybody because I feel worried about getting to an appointment on time. so I really liked in President Eyring's talk in Priesthood when he talked about the Good Samiritan. I had never thought about it that way, so it was good to be able to learn from the Bible in new ways that directly answer questions. It looks like I should forego arriving on time to help more people.

Krysti - in terms of eating right, I eat the same thing every day so I can let you know. For breakfast I eat oats in milk and sometimes yogurt or a fruit. The oats I eat are like oatmeal but hard, so I eat with a spoon. I also mix in chocolate milk mix so it tastes delicious. For lunch, it's whatever the members give us, but really it's just always rice, beans, meat, and sometimes a delicious sancocho soup. For dinner, it's sandwiches or pasta. So I think I eat very well actually. no sweets because the sweets aren't very good.

I'm pretty sad because Joyce and Derwin haven't come to church a few weeks in a row, so this week we're going to stop teaching them. I hope they come next week so we can pick up where we leave off. They've been working so hard to make changes in their life, but they aren't obeying in certain things. That is easily the hardest part of being a missionary. When you love people but they don't choose the path that brings the most happiness because of some trials along the way. But really that's not just investigators. Think how many times each of you have chosen the easy path over the correct path. The good news is that everyone can repent and come back to Christ and receive happiness (Alma 36).

We have the goal of 4 baptisms this Saturday. Pray for Susana, victoria, Benedicta, y Hernando. Two of them already did their interview so we're just going to work to make sure that nothing too bad happens this week.

Elder Wilson

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