Tuesday, October 1, 2013

 these guys are everywhere down here. This one was trying to get sneaky on me during personal study.

me with hand sanitizer burning on my hand. Probably not the best companionship study, but pretty fun.

Dear family,

This week was great. I realized that I had subconsciously lowered my vision of what was really possible. What happened was we did an intercambio (I don't know what that means in English, we traded companions for a day) and Elder Henriquez and I taught 7 lessons in one day which is a world record I think. But the thing is it just felt normal that day, and it helped me realize that great things are possible.

This week was hotter than heck again, but it started raining again the other day. Last night I thought it was the end of the world it was raining so hard and it was super windy. It was really cool.

I'm super excited for conference this weekend. Seriously I can't wait. Being on the mission really helps a man get excited to listen to the prophet. We have plans to use conference to contact this week, we'll see how that goes.  I am so excited to hear what the living prophet has to say to us about God's will. I know Thomas S Monson is the prophet. I also really love the video about him On the Lord's Errand. It's the best.

I'm glad that you've been studying the Old Testament as a family. There are a lot of great insights that you can learn from it if you take your time and study prayerfully. I recommend also using the institute manuals to help you see the symbolism. I have been finding a lot of stories there that help with my investigators. I've also been studying a lot out of the New Testament to learn how the Master taught and how He loved people.

We have a goal of 9 baptisms for October 12th, and I believe we can reach that goal. We have some investigators ready for this weekend but since it's conference it doesn't happen. The investigators are really working hard in spite of all the opposition that they face. And it's been interesting to see how the Lord takes the little they offer and turns it into something great. I think that's the true meaning of the miracle of the fish and the loaves. We have nothing to offer, but he can take what we have and make it sufficient for His divine needs.
We talked to president, and it looks like Susana can be baptized with a bag on her arm. Joyce and Derwin still don't have money but are moving forward with faith.  Benedicta y Hernando are doing great with the Word of wisdom even thought tey both were coffee addicts. Benedicta stopped completely the day we taught it, and Hernando has gone like 6 days without drinking coffee. The Familia Nuñez are working on reading more often, but they have a desire to learn more. They come to church every week even when it's so blazing hot. WE've been finding new investigators but they haven't been progressing as much, so we're working on being more bold to find those that truly have a desire to learn.

Elder Wilson

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