Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I got transfered! I´m in an area called Cuidadela. It was a super far transfer; Cuidadela borders my last ward. My new companion is from Uruguay and his name is Elder Franco. He was looking through my pictures and he saw one of Covey in a Peñarol jersey and he got very excited about that. He keeps a Uruguay flag in the house hanging there. He´s a super great missionary with a lot of experience. He only has like 3 transfers left counting this one. The cool thing about him is that his strengths are almost exactly my weaknesses. He´s super bold and really good at managing the time. I´m really excited to be able to learn from him in our time as companions. I took some pics but I´ll have to send them next week since te computer isn´t uploading them right.

The ward is great. They love the missionaries and have had a baptism almost every week. I hope to keep that going; it´s a good tradition. But right now we don´t have anyone progressing. I´m sad in a way about my last area. My companion and I both got transfered out. So I know that it doens´t matter how good the new missionaries are, some people will get lost. For example the other day we passed some lady in the street crying and we talked to her and we were going to come back but neither of us knew the address, so she´ll get lost for sure. There was supposed to be a baptism yesterday but it didn´t happen. I know it wasn´t for anything the new missionaries did wrong, I´m just sad I wasn´t there to try to help it.

Today I played soccer for the first time in my life against a bunch of latinos. I´m sure you can imagine how I did remembering my athletic past and my lack of experience. But it was super fun. I left covered in sweat because we´re on the coast of Colombia playing soccer. I almost scored this one goal that was going to be sweet but then I didn´t and that was the best part I think.I´m going to show everyone up next week.

I really have lost a lot of weight here. Unlike the last house this one has a mirror and when I saw it I was very surprised. I look uglier because when fat people loose weight fast it´s gross. But I´m also in perfect condition now to build muscle. I just don´t have any weights or bands or anything, Tips?

Well I don´t have a lot more to say. Just that I´ve walked 40 miles in my 5 days in this area. I´m still struggling to learn the names of the people here. And I haven´t been eating dinner since I´m fresh out of money. But don´t worry I know how bad that is and we already set up a dinner contract. We´re just waiting for the cash to arrive.

Love you all!
Elder Wilson

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