Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10

the zone activity
 We had a zone activity where we painted t-shirts. It was actually really fun. My shirt says Nombe which is a hilarious Colombian coastal slang for no hombre, or no man. they say it a lot. The exclamation marks are because colombia deserves exclamation marks. The weird face thing on the left is a traditional carnaval mask called the marimonda.
 Here is another family night. You can expect that we will play this game when I get back. The lady is Margoris, an investigator. She is really excited about getting baptized but she has to get married first. But she is actually working towards doing it, so I know she will succeed

This week was yet another difficult one. We have been working to find new investigators but we still haven´t found a whole lot. But either way we should have two bapisms this week!

The first one is a man named Pedro Ascencio. He was a reference from a family in the church. He is the one that works in a prison and found the book of Mormon on the floor and everything. His conversion has been awesome to watch. He started out learning just because he loves to learn about gospel topics and such. But every time we met we talked about the importance of gaining a real testimony by acting upon what we learn. He completed all the commandments before he asked God if it´s all true. But he finally got around to doing the question and now he´s going to get bapized. You can all pray that he will be able to recognize the answer to his prayers a little better.

The other baptism is Yandry Perez. I don´t remember if I have talked about her but basically I´ve been teaching her since I got to Ciudadela. She has always been good at  keeping the commitments and now she´s finally ready. She is very excited to do it this week but we need a miracle so that her mom will sign her permission form. The mom likes the church and everything but says that Yandry needs to improve her conduct around the house first. I guess she gets mad sometimes. The problem is that the mom never talks to us because she is always super busy. So you can pray for her too.

Stake conference was this week and it was really great. I always love the church meetings because as a missionary it is an awesome feeling to see so much of the church in one place. It gives me hope that the temple here will come sooner than expected. It has been a very long wait and we are still not prepared. First we need to help the members to do missionary work and find more people to work in the temple. So you can all pray for that, too. Really there are lots of things we can all pray for haha.

We have interviews scheduled this week with the mission president, and I´m planning on taking advantage of that fact to get advice on how I can better work with my companion. I try hard but its been a great time to learn about the Savior and develop the attributes of Preach my gospel chapter 6.

Love you all,
Elder Wilson

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