Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17

its really awesome here because they give you gloves to eat the chicken. And they love fried chicken here. They call it gringo chicken

 Yandry and another investigator from the other elders in the ward. Zombie style

Well this week was really awesome. We had 2 baptisms, one of Yandry and oneof Pedro. In Colombia if a word starts with Y you say it like J in english, so Yandry is like Jandri or something like that.

Well the problem is that this weekwas pretty typical, so I will write a little less and send some extra pictures.

First off Pedros baptism was awesome. With him it was kind of a battle to get him ready since he just wanted to learn and learn and learn all kinds of things that arent necessary for a conversion. But luckily he read the book of mormon (and Doctrine and Covenants) the whole time and when he finally prayed to ask God if its all true he felt the answer. I love the power of the book of mormon in conversion. I am also so glad that God blessed me to help Pedro get baptized since his wife is a member and he will get the priesthood and get sealed to her.

A ton of youth from the ward attended Yandrys baptism. It was awesome to see all that support. Also attended a young woman who hasnt been baptized because her parents wont let her but has always been coming to church. She started to cry at the bapism because she wants to get baptized so bad. So my companion and I have felt like we need to start to really work with her and her parents. Riht now she wont tell us where she lives because I thinkshe is afriad of what her parents will say if we talk with them about baptism. So we are going to teach her the lessons and let the Spirit help her get over her fear.

With everyone getting ready for Carnaval it has been getting hard to find new investigators. And with 2 baptisms this week we dont have very many investigators left. so we are going to use our faith and work really hard to find more people because we need to teach more people! but it will work out well in the end, it always does. In my mission my area has always had big problems like noone progressing or difficulty in finding new people to teach, but the Lord always blesses us with baptisms. 

Love, Elder wilson

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