Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12

 Yormitt selling shishkabobs, or preparing them. Yormitt is the one by my companion, and the other 2 poeple are an awesome family from the branch. We eat dinner here every night. They are one of the 2 sealed families in the branch.
 the people that came to the activity. The little house-chapel filled up

preparing the food for an activity my companion and I planned for the branch

Since I will be seeing you all this week, I wanted to talk a little about my investigators and some of the challenges they have, so that if you have an idea you can tell me.

First off is Yormitt Sanjuan. She is doing great. She has given us referrals to go visit her family, and she is super happy about the church. This week she did an activity to sell shishkababs to raise the money for her marriage, and is turned out great. My companion and I finally met her husband and we taught him and he´s interested, and we are trying to teach her 9 year old daughter too. She doesn´t like to listen because she is kind of shy, but her mom really wants us to teach her and her dad is fine with it.

We have the Varela family, which is a little more complicated. There are 2 pairs of spouses, married (YES) that listen to us. The parents, and their daughter and her husband. They also really love the massage but they don´t progress much. The son of the older couple recently died of a heart attack a few months ago and they are devastated. It´s actually what keeps them from progressing, because as a family they get depressed and they don´t want to do anything anymore. Like nothing, and not reading the Book of Mormon either. One of them reads the Book of Mormon a lot, but her husband is kind of in charge of the whole house and he doesn´t read or pray about it. We really try to help them see that when they feel bad, they need to read, but they haven´t done it. They didnt go to church this week because they went to the cemetary instead. They have also invited us to go with them to their son´s tomb haha.

We are also teaching Leidys Escobar, one of Yormitt´s nieces. She is super excited about the church. She has been friends with the branch president since forever. She lives in free union but today we are teaching her about the law of chastity. She came to church for the first time last week and participated a ton in the classes. She is super excited, I think thanks to Yormitt´s influence. Seriously Yormitt is more converted than some members I have met. But I guess with Leidys a problem that we have is her time. She studies in Barranquilla and goes there and comes back every day, so she doesn´t have much time. But she always gives us whatever time she has.

Well that was my letter for the week, I hope you all enjoy it.

Elder Wilson

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