Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

the difference in my shirts

This week was an awesome week. We have still had a ton of difficulty making any progress here but we were able to figure out why. The problem is that the members haven´t been suporting us for a while. They released the branch mission leader a few weeks ago and they haven´t called the new one yet because a member from the stake presidenct has to come to the branch, so we are without help for a while. There have been a ton of problems here, and we are having a really hard time helping people progess. But moments like these are when we can grow as missionaries and the branch can learn the importance of participating. Plus I have a lot of faith that with prayer some people can get baptized this month.
As far as the investigators go, it´s basically the same. Yormitt gets married this Saturday we hope, but marriage is really hard here and her husband lost his job so if he doesn´t get a new one, they will have to spend the marriage money that we had to raise with an activity. Please pray a lot for her so that her husband gets a job and she can get married and baptized. We have also started to teach her husband, now that he has a little more time, and it´s going along well. He can get baptized too.
Isabel is super ready to get baptized but is having a hard time leaving her Catholic traditions behind. She reads the Book of Mormon a lot, and she has a testimony, but she can´t make that final step and get baptized. Plus she hasn´t gone to church for a couple weeks since she works in the hospital and has had to go for emergencies, among other things. Basically the point of this week´s letter is that there is a ton of really hard stuff happening to the people, and we need more than ever your prayers to help them get over it, or to know if we need to move on for a time.
This week I was finally able to get  a member to make my clothes smaller, and they turned out great. I look way more skinny now. I am skinny, I weigh 220 lbs. I´m down 130 from where I was 2 years ago. The trick will be keeping it off when I´m home again, but I already am making plans.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great time swimming.
Elder Wilson

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