Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2

Well this week has been an interesting week for me since they did an emergency transfer. I stayed here and my companion as well, but what they did was pull out our district leader and his companion, and I´m the new district leader. Luckily it´s a pretty easy district, with 3 companionships. Us, the zone leaders, and the sister missionaries here in the branch. I have felt very humbled by this, but more surprized than anything.

The work is really struggling here in Baranoa. There are a lot of members who are without a job, fighting with their spouse, and all those things. The bad part is that they are not being obedient in the small things, like tithing and the reading of the Book of Mormon. So they expect blessings without doing their part and they don´t get them. And I think that the conduct of the members is affecting a little bit the missionary work, because it´s like my companion and I are fighting a battle alone. 

Yormitt is having some huge difficulties. She was scheduled to get married this Friday and baptized this Saturday, but she is fighting a lot with her partner and they might separate. I guess a large part of the fight is that she wants to get baptized no matter what, and so since her partner doens´t want to get married, that are going to separate. All my companion and I were able to say is that if she reads the scriptures and prays and fasts, then the Spirit will guide her to the right choice and she will know what to do. So we hope it all works out.

I do have to concede that the branch did an awesome activity this week for a late mother´s day. We were all waiting for it to start and the branch president says Elders, can you please be in charge of the spiritual portion? and they the program started. We had a hymn and a prayer´s worth of time to plan out our message, but it went well. I almost cried talking about mothers but I pulled it together pretty well. The Varela family went, and I think it helped them. There were dances, songs, skits, and I think they liked to see that the church isn´t as boring as they thought.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week.
Elder Wilson

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