Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23

Well I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well over there in Hebgen, I love how beautiful it is over there. This week has been an exciting one for us here in the mission, we had an awesome zone conference. We talked a lot about how to help the temple construction. About 4 years ago they announced the temple, and they already have baught the grounds, but other than that nothing has really happened here. I'm about ready to grab a shovel next P-Day and head over to temple grounds to get started on the work. 

But they helped us to see that there is another way. We need to use the booklet My Family. They have just barely given us the booklet and we now get to fill it out with the information and also get all the recent converts and less actives to do the same. When we do that, we help the bishops augment their new indicator of members who send their family names to the temple, and this helps pressure the work for the temple. 

I am excited to fill out my book, but I need a little help. I have the information from my 4 generation chart, but I need more stuff. I don't really remember at all my great grandparents, so if you can send me a couple short stories about them it would help me with the book. I suppose you all have the book there to see what I need to fill it out. I need pictures of each person there with a space for a picture, like parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. I would love those photos, I can print them out here. And stories, and information about my grandparents' siblings and great grandparents' siblings. Sorry if that's a lot, but it will help me to fill out my book and be a good example for these people here.

The Lord is really doing a ton to hasten this work. They talked a lot about the importance of teaching tithing really well to less active members and converts, so that they can all recieve the blessings of tithing. They told us that new missionaries now recieve a 7 hour course on their last day of the mission about self sufficience and how to adapt to life after the mission. The church has plans to stop expanding until it can strengthen what we already have, like the district in our mission that isnt a stake yet. Really I am so grateful for the huge blessing of being a missionary in this super exciting time in the history of God's kingdom.

Well pray hard so that Andrés can get baptized this week or the next, I feel bad since so much time has gone by without a baptism here. I love you all and hope you are having a great summer.

Elder WIlson

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