Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16

Pictures of the Varela family. They gave us lunch today, a delicious cow tail soup. No seriously, delicious.

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying your time in Hebgen and are having lots of fun.

This week was another week for a lot of learning. We did everthing possible to di visits with members but almost all of our plans fell through at the last minute, so we got stuck doing the visits without them. But at least we recieved some refferals this week, so there is progress in the branch.

For a long time now we have been teaching Isabel Varela, who has been to church a lot, reads a lot the Book of Mormon, has a testimony, but has a hard time putting aside her catholic traditions. We have a lot of faith that she can be baptized the 28th of this month, and we are doing everything possible to help. She already lives the commandments, she knows its right, but needs a little more confidence in taking that decision. It is kind of tricky though since she got married in the Catholic church, and here in this mission that counts but we have to see proof. But she want to the catholic church and I guess there was a fire and the records were burned. So it looks like she will have to get married again, which here is like a class a struggle. So we´ll start that process again.
The streets have been surprizingly calm for the world cup, so until now it hasn´t really affected the proselyting. No one wants to talk with us during the game, so we go out and work in the morning and have our studies during game time. But that´s only on game days anyways. 

Yormitt hasn´t had any progress in helping her partner decide to marry her, and I think she´s getting really discouraged since she hasn´t gone to church in a few weeks. I feel super worried about her since she was so excited and always read the book of mormon but now for the past 3 weeks she hasn´t gone to church. We also have faith that she will get baptized the 28th of this month, but it will take a miracle to help her partner gabriel decide to get married.

AndrĂ©s is still planning on also getting baptized the 28th of this month. I think he is the most sure baptism for this month. He´s 20 years old and says that he wants to be a missionary.  He also has a testimony and hasn´t missed a week of church since even before we started teaching him. He went to a lot of different churches when he was young, looking for the truth, but never found it until he came here, with us. (amos 8:11-12). The only difficulty with him is that he doenst like to take big decisions beforehand. FOr example a couple weeks ago he decided to go from Baranoa to Barranquilla and back in bike, and he did it like 2 days after. So that´s the challenge, but we also have faith that he´ll be ready for the 28th.

Well I love you all. As far as something that I need from Hebgen, no I´m fine thanks. Also how´s Brooke´s pregnancy coming along? I think about that sometimes, I guess the baby´s practically crowning by now.

Elder Wilson

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