Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5

You can see that I sweat a little here and that my shirts are a little way too big

Dear family,

I am glad to hear that you all had a great week. What i do on P-day is go to the computer in the morning to send the reports to the leaders, and there I print out your letters so I can read them during the day. And then we go to the computers to write during the evening, or right after lunch.

Today we had a zone activity, and we watched Shrek 3. It was really funny but I ate way too much pizza first, like Adalyn told me in her letter. i feel your pain Addy.  But its always nice to have a little fun with the other missionaries, they can get to bo great friends in the mission.

Yormitt is really doing great but there have of course been a lot of problems impeding her progress. She was going to do an activity to sell Shichkababs (I have no clue how to spell that) on Saturday, but her husband´s boss didn´t pay him for 3 weeks of work, so she was without capital. So she is doing it on Saturday and we will all pray that she can sell a lot so that she can get married. I think this will be the first time I marry someone in my mission, since it can be very hard here. But really when the people have faith and desire they can do it without too much problem.

What day does Covey get married? Or I guess when you write me it will be over. How was the wedding? I wish I could be there! Who all from the family is going?

This week I have been thinking  lot about Mom and her great example to us. I have really been able to feel her special, loving Spirit with me in a few occasions this week I makes me remember a talk I heard from Elder Scott when I was in the MTC. He said that sometimes wek think that it is the Spirit helping us or the investigators, when it is really a ministering angel. I know that ministering angels really do exist and thay they help us. I also remember that before the mission Dad gave me a priesthood blessing and told me that mom would be with me. I know that that has come true a lot of times here.

Well I love you and hope that you are all doing great, I am looking forward to calling you on Skype next week.

Elder Wilson

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